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Biography Examples Biography is a type of writing that focuses on the life of any person with all its aspects. It is also known as memoirs. There is no obligation that the person whose biography will be written has to be a famous person or celebrity. Writings that describe the life of an ordinary person are also a type of biography.
In the following, we have offered you many biography examples. We have prepared short biography examples for those who are looking for short biographies and long biography examples for those who are looking for long biographies. We hope our biography examples will be useful for you.

Biography Examples 1


Mehmet Iliter, who is a teacher and also a poet, was born on July 24, 1981, in Koseler Village of Kahta District of Adiyaman City. He completed his primary and secondary education here and attended Kahta Super High School.
He enrolled in the Department of Turkish Language and Literature at Mugla University and graduated from this university in 2008. He also had his master’s degree in Literature. He was appointed as a literature teacher at a high school in Istanbul in the 2014-2015 academic year. He continues to teach here.
Mehmet ILITER started to be interested in poetry while he was in high school. He managed to attract attention with the professional poems he wrote during these years. His “Amorti Sevdalar” poem was highly admired by lots of people. In recent years, he published many poems in magazines and websites. Mehmet ILITER still continues his poetry studies.

Biography Example 2


Ataturk, whose real name is Mustafa, was born in 1881 in Thessaloniki. His birth name is Mustafa. His second name, “Kemal” was given to him by his math teacher. Later, he was given the surname “Ataturk” with the surname law, and thus, he was known as Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.
His father is Ali Riza Bey, and his mother is Zubeyde Hanim. Ataturk received education in a military school and became a soldier. He fought on many important fronts in World War I and led the Turkish army in the War of Independence. Throughout his life, he served the development of his country and introduced many innovations. In 1919, he laid the foundations of the War of Independence by visiting Samsun City.
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk always stood up for peace but never gave up on independence, freedom, and national sovereignty. He studied various scientific studies and wrote a geometry book. He passed away in Istanbul in 1938. His tomb is in Anitkabir, which is located in Ankara.


Biography Example 3


Life of Riza Ali Sinanoglu
Famous writer Riza Ali Sinanoglu was born in Malatya in 1945. His father is Dervish Hikmet Sinanoglu, and his mother is Nuriye Sinanoglu. He is the second of five siblings. He completed his primary and secondary education in Malatya. He graduated from the Faculty of Law and studied in the Department of Literature in the following years.
He published his first novel in 1968. His novel “Hayal Dunyasi” was printed many times and became one of the best-selling novels of its time. Besides the novel, he also wrote stories. Especially, his storybooks such as “Derme Catma Hayatlar” and “Beklenen Atli” are among the most famous storybooks.

Riza Ali Sinanoglu married Aysenur Hankendi in 1971 and the couple had two children. He left 8 novels, 6 storybooks, and many literary works and poems. In 2004, he passed away due to heart failure.

Works of Riza Ali Sinanoglu

Novels: Hayal Dunyasi, Genc ve Guzel, Kir Ati, Yasemen’den Gelenler, Akisina Biraktim, Zoraki Sevgi, Gonul Bahcesi, Fikrimin Gulu.
Stories: Derme Catma Hayatlar, Beklenen Atli, Belki Bir Gun, Aga’nin Oyunlari, Kir Bahcesi, Yilan Dagi.
Poems: Riza Ali Sinanoglu’s All Poems

Literary Personality of Riza Ali Sinanoglu

The author described the life of rural people almost in all of his works. He wrote about the challenges and social problems of his people without hesitation. He picked the heroes in his novels and stories from real life.
His language usage is easy and simple. He used regional dialects from time to time and thus, he managed to improve his interaction with his readers. He wrote acatalectic, rhymed, and redif poems. However, he also wrote non-acatalectic poems.

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