Conversation (Interview Article) Examples

Conversation (Interview Article) Examples All the examples we provided as conversation, which are also known as interview articles, are written by the editors of our website and presented to you. We tried to keep conversation examples as short as possible so that we can provide a better service. Before skipping to short conversation examples, it will be beneficial to learn what is an interview article, i.e., conversation and its features.

What Is Conversation (Interview Text)?

The conversation is a type of writing, where any author expresses his feelings and thoughts on a topic as he is talking to someone else in a conversation.

What Are Conversation Features?

– The author is not obliged to prove what he is telling.
– Subjective expressions are more common than objective expressions in conversation articles.
It includes the feelings and thoughts of the author.
In general, it is written on subjects that are interesting and wondered about by all people.
– A sincere language is used in all conversation articles.


Example 1: Conversation Article on Poetry


You keep talking about free verse poetry. For God’s sake, can you please tell me what this free verse poem is? Personally, I have known poetry since my childhood as: Poetry is a type of writing, where any emotion or thought is expressed in an enthusiastic expression within certain patterns. Well, where are those certain patterns?
Pay attention masters, what makes a poem special is these certain patterns. In other words, the rhyme, redif, amphibrach, and prosody… Do you think that you write a poem without using any of these elements? No, definitely no. The things you write are not a poem, they are just essay examples. A poem must bring joy to the reader or listener, leave a musical melody in the mind and words must flow like a river.
When I check current poems, we need at least a thousand witnesses to accept them as poems. One verse is short, while one is long, none includes any amphibrach. No need to mention rhyme or redif too. I repeat it again, this is not poetry. If you are determined to write poems, then write them with rhyme, redif, and amphibrach.

-The End-

Example 2: Conversation Article on Shopping Madness


Well, do you also think like me? Don’t you think our people have shopping madness? I often see them in the shopping malls I visit from time to time. People are shopping in a hurry. Anyone who takes the shopping card throws whatever he finds on the shelves without looking at it or thinking.
They go back to their home with a thousand items from the shopping mall, which they went to purchase the single good missing in their home. Don’t you think this is a disease? Personally, I accept it as a disease. People have various credit cards in their wallets as they purchase goods for free when they pay with credit cards… They just think about one thing: buy as many as you can.
Don’t you think that we should put a stop to this madness? We buy things without thinking about whether they are useful for us or not and we put them aside without using them at all or just using them for once. I think we should make a list before shopping. We must write down our essential needs and we should never buy anything other than the goods on our list.

-The End-

Example 3: Conversation Article on Education System


Regardless of your occupation, I bet you also observed the constant change in the education system in our country. Yes, there is not a single day, in which no change takes place in the education system.
My brother, this is not a jigsaw puzzle where you can constantly try everything. A man should take a moment and think. You should calculate everything, then implement it and keep it that way for a time. However, is it like this in our country? We implement first and then think.
If it continues like this, there will be nothing left for education. I especially call out to young people. Embrace the education system and do your best about this topic.

-The End-

Example 4: Conversation Article on Village Life


Were you born in a village or all of you, including your parents, were born in the city? If you do not visit a village a few times in a year, do not have breakfast in a village, or do not wake up to the sound of a rooster, believe me, it is your loss. You miss a lot. Waking up with the sounds of a rooster and birds is a unique feeling. You feel alive. If you start the day with a delicious village breakfast, nothing can disturb your joy. We, who are born in cities, are trapped in concrete piles and miserable trees and insects. I say miserable because we cannot live real life. We are poisoned by the toxic fumes of factory chimneys and consume fruits and vegetables, which we do not know where they come from.
Let’s go back to our villages. Even if you do not have a village, let’s sell all our assets and find a village for ourselves. Let’s have a village that we can visit and stay in a few times a year. Then you will see how beautiful real life is.

-The End-

Example 5: Conversation Article on Climate Change


“Climate change” is one of the concepts that we hear a lot in recent years, isn’t it? Everyone is talking about climate change and winters, or summers were not like this in the past. Well, are people right, don’t we experience the seasons as we should? As a person, who was born at the beginning of the 1980s, even I’m aware of this change. Was it like that before? Rivers used to start to flow in the middle of the summer and we used to find a fountain every fifty meters. These days, we cannot find those rivers or fountains anymore. We do not experience the Spring or Fall as they should… Well, are we the ones to blame? Of course! In fact, mankind is the only one to blame. Cologne, who we used to smell better, cars, which we often drive to avoid walking for a few meters, factory chimneys that we smoke like a black dragon are taking nature and seasons from us.
I’m sure, one day we all say that we would have cleaner air or want to see a beautiful flower if we did not have anything in the name of technology. Don’t you think I’m right?

-The End-

Example 6: Conversation Article on Love


Yes, I’m aware; I have created a contradiction by saying dark light since light is not dark at all. In general, everyone compares love to poisonous honey because you enjoy its unique flavor while getting poisoned from the inside. Don’t you think the dark light is also a good analogy? Love attracts you just like a light and as you keep walking towards it, you walk towards darkness that you cannot give any meaning to. Most of the time, this darkness is evil too… Unanswered, illogical, and aimless loves…
Do you know what is worse? Love does not choose a person. You can fall in love with someone even if they are just the opposite of you. If this love ends with a marriage, poor you. Here, such love cannot be replaced by affection and at least two people just suffer.

-The End-

Example 7: Conversation Article on Our Beautiful Turkish


Do you also remember that one of our poets compared Turkish to mother’s milk, right? Our language Turkish is what mother’s milk is. It is delicious and useful… Do you think that the taste of mother’s milk still remains in our beautiful Turkish? If you asked me, I do not feel the same taste on my palate. We did our best to spoil our beautiful Turkish and at last, we managed to become successful. By elaborating on Western communities, we started to use their words while we have the exact meaning in Turkish. I know, our language will keep being spoiled as we keep elaborating to western communities and this language will leave a bitter taste on our palates. We need to do something before it is too late and save our language from the yoke of foreign languages.

-The End-

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