Composition on Informatics Week

Composition on Informatics Week

Informatics Week

Composition on Informatics Week The first week of May is celebrated as Informatics Week. According to the Turkish Language Association, informatics is a science, which tries to present scientific facts brought by science to people in an electronic environment and allows people to communicate in the economic and social fields.
The main element of informatics is society. Its purpose is to offer various information to society easily and logically. Today, informatics technologies, which make our lives easier, have great importance. We all know how computers made our lives easier. In the past, institutions and organizations used to organize or store information and documents with paper and pen. However, the introduction to computers in business life provided great convenience for all people.
One of the areas where informatics technologies are most used is educational institutions. Schools can provide more effective and easier education with computers, projections, smart boards, tablets, and other informatics devices.

Composition on Informatics Week Informatics Week. Bu Komposizyonu Türkçe Olarak Aşağıdaki Bağlantı Linkinden Okuyabilirsiniz

You can read the composition in Turkish by visiting this link.


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