Composition on Technology

Composition on Technology Technology

The ever-developing technology continues to facilitate our lives. This is why technology has a significant effect on our lifestyles. When we compare 1,000 years ago with today, we can easily see how much technology has changed.
For example, there were no motor vehicles in the past. People used to travel on foot or with animals. Thus, they used to travel for months to arrive at a faraway destination. Here, the travel that used to take months 1,000 years ago can be completed only in minutes today. We couldn’t talk to our relatives who live far away for years, and we even hear from each other for years. However now, we can contact our relatives living far away with video or audio. The ambition and desire to work with people allow the continuous development of technology.

Our lives get easier as technology develops too. Many jobs that used to be known as quite challenging in the past can be completed with machines now. For example, we plow the fields with tractors, harvest crops with combine harvesters, wash clothes with washing machines and many other things we used to do by hand can be done quite easily with the technological tools.

You can read the composition in Turkish by visiting this link. Teknoloji ile İlgili Kompozisyon

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