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Dialogue Examples – Dialogue Texts Dialogue is a conversation between more than one person. It is possible to find dialogues in novels, stories, plays, and other similar literary texts. It will be possible for you to understand dialogue better by checking the dialogue examples we have prepared for you. We tried to prepare both short dialogue and long dialogue examples for you. We hope these dialogue examples will be useful for you.


These dialogue examples are everyday conversations. What is important is if two people are talking with each other, then it is a dialogue.


Short Dialogue Example

Ihsan: I started to read Necip Fazil’s poem book yesterday; he has amazing poems!
Koksal: Yes, the master is highly skilled in poetry.
Ihsan: What a skill, I have read dozens of poems but never seen anyone who writes so well. I am amazed by the harmony in his poems.
Koksal: Almost all of his poems are like this. Rhyme and redif are two striking concepts in his poems. I believe he has no single poem that does not amaze with rhyme and redif harmony.
Ihsan: You are right, his Sakarya Turkusu poem is amazing, you want to read it over and over again. I even memorized the first part!
Koksal: That’s great, memorizing poems has many benefits. Especially beautiful poems like this one are totally different.

Long Dialogue Example

Ertem: Kemal, are we going to visit the library today?
Kemal: Of course, we almost completed these books, we need to get the new ones.
Ertem: Indeed. Do you know what? I never thought I would love reading books this much.
Kemal: Me too. I didn’t read many books in my childhood. However, once I got used to it, I couldn’t quit reading.
Ertem: You can’t. It is addictive. You learn about new lives and take on new adventures with the books.
Kemal: Yes, you also have a great time.
Ertem: You are right, but we should not forget that books are not the objects that help you to kill time. They have countless benefits too.
Kemal: You are right. The books I have read have influenced me a lot. Even my perspective on life changed. In the past, I couldn’t see the beauties around me this well. However, now…
Ertem: Now, everything is different, right?
Kemal: Indeed, totally different.
Ertem: Who knows? Maybe we may start writing too?
Kemal: Why not brother? What authors have more than us?
Ertem: Yes, they probably learned writing by reading too. I honestly believe that we can start writing things soon.
Kemal: Think about it, we published our first novel, and it became one of the best-sellers.
Ertem: Think about people asking for a signed copy.
Kemal: You got me excited now. Now I’m going to get up and start writing something.
Ertem: Write. We can learn more by writing.
Kemal: You are right, everything starts with the first step.


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Diyalog Örnekleri – Diyalog Metinleri

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