Composition on Book

Composition on Books: The book is the shortest and most practical way to access information. We can learn a great deal of information in a very short time, which our life may not be enough to learn, with the help of books. The book is the key to learning and having a good time. Its benefits are unlimited.

We all have a mission and meaning in this life. Our biggest responsibility is to complete this life, which was gifted by the creator, in the most beautiful and beneficial way. There are things we all have to do to make life livable and be beneficial to others and humanity. Every person should educate himself in the best way possible. This can be achieved with the help of books. Books teach us what, when, how, and where to do it. They guide us in everything. The person who reads books develops himself. The person who develops himself is a beneficial person for himself and others.

Reading books has numerous benefits. For example, books can improve our intelligence and brain. They can help us to develop solutions easily for challenges. They can improve our memory and the information we learn can be long-lasting. They can also provide us with a different perspective, teach us empathy, and let us develop more than one solution to a single problem.


Is it possible to learn how the universe came into existence, the landforms of the American continent, the lives of penguins at the poles, and creatures in the depths of the ocean? How could we learn this information without the books we read? We would have to visit those areas, right?

However, books can help us to learn all these things in only a few minutes. A book can help us to teach the world. We might not have enough knowledge about the world even if we travel for a lifetime. However, with a single book, it is possible to read all this information and learn.

Books are a great source of information and best friends. We spend a good time with them and sometimes we get happy or upset. However, they never harm us in any way. They become our slaves as we learn how to read and use them. The only thing they want from their masters is reading.


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